The Grand Bazaar

Just next to the deluxe shopping malls where you can find world-wide famous brands all together, there is an alternative shopping center, unique to Istanbul and which describes Istanbul: The Grand Bazaar


Grand Bazaar is a place which keeps lots of vanishing professions alive with their unique culture. It is the world’s oldest, biggest bazaar where the most variable products are exhibited.

The bazaar includes more than 3 thousand shops and it is visited by approximately
400 thousand people. During the Ottoman Empire era, jewelries and precious hand-woven textiles were gathered in Grand Bazaar from all over the country to be sold, and it is a shopping paradise for the ones who especially appreciate traditional textiles and authentic jewelries.

Oktay Ekinci, former President of the Chamber of Architects, says that “Visiting Grand Bazaar is not just seeing a historical and mysterious place; it is the attractiveness created by the market tradition deriving from the past and by the human warmth intermingled with that, and even the feeling of trust.

When you travel to Istanbul, seeing Grand Bazaar is a must do. If you want a to find someone that will help you find easily what you are looking for in this huge place, teach you how to bargain, inform you about its history and deal with your transportation there are many guided tours too.  Check out the openning hours of the bazaar from here: 

Openning Hours: From Monday to Saturday 8.30-19.00

Closed on Sundays and Official Holidays

How to get there?

Tram: Beyazıt-Kapalı Çarşı

Metro: Vezneciler

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