To enjoy Beyoğlu district…

As you might remember, we have called Beyoğlu as a small version of İstanbul.

  • Walk through İstiklal Avenue, from Taksim Square till the Tunnel.
  • Try fried and stuffed mussels and drink beer in the Fish Market.
  • Rest by the window in a cafe facing the İstiklal Avenue and watch the environment.
  • Have a feast of rakı and meze in the meyhanes of Çiçek Arcade, Nevizade, Asmalımescit or under the Galata Bridge.
  • Enjoy rakı, mezes and chat in Tarihi Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi, Yakup or Refik.
  • Taste profiterole at İnci Patisserie.
  • Tour the arcades, the symbols of Beyoğlu and buy souvenirs, alternative clothes, incense, posters or tiles.
  • Join the fasıl while having rakı chat. See the hundred years old street lamps of the Cezayir Street.
  • Go to the St. Antoine Church, light a candle and become a part of the quiet and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Try the unique sweets in the Markiz and Lebon Patisserie, particularly their pastries.
  • Buy very cheap jeans and clothes in the Beyoğlu Trade Center or Terkos Arcade.
  • Take a seat in one of the bars in Nevizade to drink beer and eat iced almond.
  • Go to a bar with a terrace on one of the restaurants and enjoy your drink while watching the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn scenes.
  • Watch the Sema perfomance in Galata Dervish Lodge.
  • Go inside the music shops in the Tünel to examine the various Turkish instruments.
  • Take a break in the cafes and restaurant inside the Geçit Inn across the Tünel Square.
  • Watch and enjoy the “Mehter Show” performed daily at Harbiye Military Museum.
  • Tour the narrow streets in Asmalımescit and see the restored historical buildings.
  • Visit the famous night clubs, “İndigo” and “Babylon”.
  • Sit up all night in one of the bars of İstiklal Avenue, Sıraselviler or Tepebaşı.
  • Have a lunch in Hacı Abdullah, taste traditional Turkish cuisine.
  • Buy creamy Turkish delight, Turkish delight with rose or double roasted Turkish delight from Ali Muhiddin Hajji Bekir.
  • Taste burma kadayıf with walnut of Beyoğlu Saray Muhallebicisi, located at İstiklal Avenue.
  • Eat kokoreç or zümküfül in the kokoreç houses inside Fish Market.
  • Go shopping in the Atlas Arcade for incense, candles, and posters.
  • Drink Turkish coffee in Manda Batmaz, which is in a small street on the right just before the Odakule.
  • See one of the international collections exhibited in the art galleries on İstiklal Avenue.
  • Buy various kinds of spices in the Fish Market.
  • Watch Istanbul from 360 degrees from the Galata Tower.
  • Go shopping in the bazaars set on sundays in Çukurcuma and in the antique shops in the region.
  • Visit the Istanbul Modern Arts Museum. After the museum, go to the narghile cafes in Tophane district, drink apple tea and play backgammon.
  • Eat something in the petty restaurants cooking home meals in Asmalımescit.
  • Buy one of the hand made oil lamps which are sold in the world only on a shop in Aznavur Passage.
  • Eat the famous sauced hamburgers of Kızılkayalar in the Square buffets and drink churn ayran.
  • Go fishing and take pictures on the Galata Bridge.
  • Get on the underground tram in the Tünel to go Karaköy.,
  • Take a trip with the nostalgic tram from Taksim Square to the Tünel.
  • Taste the famous baklava of the Karaköy Güllüoğlu.
  • Take a tour on the underground shopping center in Karaköy.
  • Drink rakı on the Galata Bridge facing the Bosphorus and the sunset.

Without these you can not enjoy Beyoğlu!

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