Lacivert Restaurant

The most romantic view of the Bosphorus, accompanied by a dark blue sea. At sunset ... In the middle of the day ... At special times... Lacivert marries the rich and exquisite flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine which include centuries of culture and taste, at Istanbul’s most romantic and picturesque coastal view, on the one and only Bosphorus. Located within a historic seaside-mansion, Lacivert has become a true Bosphorus-classic, serving guests since 1999.
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16/09/2016 05:43:46
gürkan a
Excellent restaurant with perfect bosphorus wiev, all the see foods which we tried were delicious, the prices are expensive ofcourse, but they deserve itread more>>
31/08/2016 15:40:55
Perfect atmosphere and bosphorous view. With our lovely waiter Ali Bey we had a great family dinner. You should try the more>>
28/08/2016 16:02:03
If you want to have a dinner in a perfect atmosphere with perfect service and wine menu you are at the right spot. The bosphorus view was one of the best I have ever seen. Just nearby the sea. more>>
23/08/2016 10:51:15
As this restaurant is on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, we took the restaurant's boat to cross from the European side. We had a beautiful table with an impressive view, which is more>>
21/08/2016 14:20:32
Located a great place just under the Bosphorus Bridge on Asian side. If you are on European side of the city please book their boat to reach the restaurant. This is not a budget or cheap more>>

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